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Cumbum Valley Winery (P) LTD

Cumbum Valley Winery spread over 250 acres nestling amidst the foothills of Western Ghats is the brainchild of Mr.R.Ragu the CMD, of SBM Group – a pioneer in the field of Lubricants, Newspaper Black Inks and Sugar Mill Roll oils since 1974. Cumbum Valley Winery Pvt. Ltd launched their first indigenous wines of Tamil Nadu under the brand names “Misty Grapes” and “Red Sea”. Cumbum Valley enjoys an invigorating climate ideal for grape cultivation and harvest. The 4000 – odd grape farmers residing in the villages surrounding the Winery are veterans of grape growing and they form the strength of Cumbum Valley Winery Pvt Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP Certified Company located at the foothills of Western Ghats in Theni district.

Misty Grapes and Red Sea are undeniably unique brands and the creators of our wines believe in the Roman philosopher Petronius’s saying “Wine is Life”. Wine making is not only an art but a celebration of our land. Our wine growers and wine makers are authentic, approachable artisans who have a deep appreciation for the land and for the people who live here.

We understood this reverence, for we consider ourselves a vineyard winery dedicated to reflecting as purely as possible the vineyard and the local produce with minimal processing without compromising great fruit. Cumbum Valley winemakers are families, farmers who work as a collaborative bunch to raise the bar for high quality indigenous wines

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