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The founder and chairman of Cumbum Valley Winery (P) Ltd, Mr.R.Ragu is a pioneer in the field of Agriculture, Lubricants and Newspaper Black Inks since 1974. The SBM Group houses SBM Petro Products Pvt. Ltd. The company is based out of Chennai and is a consistently profit making enterprise. The company is the leading manufacturers of news paper black, caridum compound, wire rope compound and all grades of industrial and automotive lubricants. The company has specialized products namely sugar mill roll oils and lubricants and catering to almost 90% of the sugar mills in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Mr.R.Ragu purchased lands in Theni district to diversify his business and intensively followed it up with Govt. of Tamil Nadu for obtaining license for establishing a winery in Theni district. Mr.R.Ragu had crossed the important hurdle of obtaining license from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu due to his sheer perseverance and intense advocacy with various authorities for setting up the first ever winery project in Tamil Nadu. The promoter had visited Maharashtra to get first hand experience in running a winery and also had business relationship with the top notch of the wine industry in India. The promoter since the inception of the project hired a French Technical Consultant to give framework to the winery project making it one of the largest winery in India. The promoters of the company have rich experience in diversified fields, which is enabling them to employ innovative techniques to successfully market the first wines of Tamil Nadu.

Cumbum Valley Wine Launch at Park Sheraton

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