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Spread across 5 acres, the state of the art winery is equipped with one of the largest columnar – temperature controlled stainless steel fermenting tank halls and the tasting room situated on the first floor overlooks the entire tank hall through a glass façade. The automatic gentle grape press, destemmer-crusher, must pump and bottling units all imported from France are strategically placed around the chilling unit. Cumbum Valley Winery prides itself in holding a cellar with French toasted quality oak barrels and is in the process of establishing and organising wine tourism in the region.

The state of the art winery commissioned and erected by French Designers is equipped with French Machinery and has one of the largest tank halls in the country fabricated within the factory premise. Cumbum’s favourable local conditions provide the intense fruity flavours in grapes required for mouth watering tastes and enjoyable wines ideal for tropical climate.

The sprawling hand tended estate grown vineyards of Cumbum Valley spread across 250 acres surround the winery is family owned and operated and is one of the largest commercial vineyard operations in India. The moderating effects of the Mullaiperiyar River, Suruli Falls and Megamazhai popularly referred to as the Switzerland of South India are vital to our grape quality and success. The River Bed encircles the valley thus significantly buffering the immediate surrounding air temperatures of our vineyards. This unique microclimate condition along with scientific methods of crop management protects our imported French vines Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and local Muscat varieties during critical growing periods throughout the year. Cumbum Valley also motivates and mobilises vineyards available with the local farmers on contract farming which empowers the surrounding villages. Cumbum Valley Winery has invested in drip irrigation to facilitate controlled water supply to the vineyards and undergoes a series of specific tasks executed at key times throughout the year to ensure the highest calibre crop. From pruning and tying to deciding the ideal date for harvest, every step is carefully monitored by our winemakers and executed by our dedicated staff. Our winemaker’s excellent intuition and extensive winemaking experience has allowed Cumbum Valley to produce wines that impress upon the Indian Palate.

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